Creating my quiet


45fb764d3b23d95e67eeac11f34dc4f1Two years ago, I traded scrolling for writing.  I decided to leave social media in order to concentrate on my writing. It was not a popular decision.  It wasn’t met with any fan-fare or encouragement, but I knew I had to do it if I was going to finally write that book that had been in my head for most of my life.

The story was taking up too much space.

Scrolling was taking up too much time.

A change was needed.

At least, temporarily.


Friends and family were not impressed with my announcement that I would be leaving their social media feeds – deciding to no longer keep up with their memes and vacation photos in order to concentrate on ME – my writing, my book.  Some even scoffed at my idea and tried to shut it down with claims of “writing a book is the hardest thing anyone can do – that’s why most fail.”

I felt guilty for a moment or two about shutting the social media door, but I’ve never been one to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and more importantly, I remembered life – particularly writing life – before social media.

Before status updates, tweets, memes and selfies existed, life was quieter.

I didn’t know what everyone was doing all the time.  And I was perfectly content with that ignorance.  I got more done.  I had more time to concentrate on what was going on in my life – and in my head. 

My time away from social media was both refreshing and productive.

I got my book done!

Hope Quest book 1: Blackbird was released in May of this year.

I’ve since gotten back onto Facebook and joined Instagram in the last year ( I have always been a late bloomer).

Joining Instagram, in particular, has been a real boon for my writing and in meeting some fabulous writer friends, but lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending too much time scrolling, invested in other writer’s postings and in how many likes my pieces get (or don’t).


Things have been getting noisy again.

I’ve been missing out on my writing time again.

So I’m shutting that social media door again.


Creating the quiet I need to write and finish my next book.

Hope Quest book 2: The Lightning will be released in September.


I’ll be scrolling again by October.




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