Elegant Execution ~ FREE this weekend!

Screenshot_2019-06-17 Elegant Execution - Kindle edition by Melanie Ever Moore Literature Fiction Kindle eBooks Amazon com   My debut poetry and dance photography book, Elegant Execution, is FREE today and tomorrow as an e-book! 

Here’s the link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QM3H999

41 dark and haunting poems of love and loss and the strength to endure it, interspersed with black and white photos of young dancers, representing innocence lost.

The book was originally released in April of this year and was my first go at self-publishing.  It was also my way of dealing with a difficult childhood and youth, and trying to turn that pain into something more palatable for me, maybe even, beautiful.

The six young dancers are all from my community and did an amazing job.

My next poetry and photography book, The Stars Went Out, will be released in October.



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