Welcome to my writer’s webpage and blog.  My name is Melanie Ever Moore and I have been a writer and published poet / short story writer for most of my life.

Writing has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.  The first creative writing effort I clearly remember undertaking was a story in kindergarten (it was about a monkey and a bird arguing over their rightful spot in a tree) and I have been keeping a regular journal since I was seven years old.  I had my first story published at twelve.  At fourteen, I was awarded a spot at the Young Writers summer camp in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  As a university student at the U of W, I was offered a scholarship in the Honours English B.A. program (but thought that Psychology sounded more interesting, instead).

As a member of the Canadian Authors Association in the 1990 s  (Winnipeg branch),  I was mentored by Young Adult novelist, Ishbel Moore.

My poems and short stories have been published in newspapers and literary magazines across Canada, the US and Australia.

In early 2017, after having the story and characters in my head for twenty-seven years, I finally sat down and wrote the story of Hope Quest, a teenage girl who discovers that she can pull stars from the sky.  I finished the first draft in May of 2018 and am currently editing and revising my fifth….sixth??…draft of the book.  It WILL be done by spring of 2019 and self-published via Amazon.  The decision to self-publish came after having the fourth draft professionally edited and my traumatized editor suggesting a warning on the book or a heavy edit of the “triggering, sensitive, disturbing and troubling” material in the book.  Despite it’s somewhat misleading title, Hope Quest is, like all of my writings, dark and challenging and not for the faint of heart.

Once Hope Quest is complete and available as an e-book (and maybe even a physical book), I will start in on the first book in the trilogy (Hope Quest is the middle story) and also another YA novel, What Remains.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks Ishbel! This is serendipitous timing, connecting here. I just took Daughter out from the library last week, as I’ve been working on my second YA novel this year since August. 20 years ago, you critiqued my first novel – and then life took over and writing got put on the backburner. I’ve been working professionally as a photographer for the last six years, but have been feeling unfulfilled in my career, so did a lot of soul-searching. I realized that I still wanted writing to be a big part of my life like it once was and I changed my life, my schedule, my priorities to get it back into my life in a real way. I am now 1 month out from finishing the first draft of my second novel. I still have the three page critique you provided for my first novel, Dividing One dated March 4, 1997, (I was Melanie Clubb back then) and you said some amazing things to me about my writing skills that have always stayed with me. I would love to re-connect with you more.


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